Invest in Sovereign Gold Bonds

Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) Scheme

Invest In gold is an easy and safe manner with Sovereign Gold Bonds.

Offered and regulated by the RBI, Sovereign Gold Bonds allow you to make convenient investments in gold with a multitude of benefits!

The features and benefits of the Sovereign Gold Bonds include: customised and varied investment size, fixed interest rate in addition to the linked physical gold price, exemption from capital gain tax. Minimum investment starts from one gram and in multiples of one gram thereof, up to a maximum limit 4kg per fiscal for individual/HUF and 20kg for trusts and similar entities notified by the government.

  • Customised purchase size

  • Tax Benefits

  • Asset Security by the RBI

SGB Help and Support

Level 1

  • CMS Easypay

Level 2

  • CCPH
  • Mr Samrat Shelke (
  • Mr Ramakrishna Podila (

Level 3

  • DBAT
  • Mr Harshit Sinha (
  • Mr Gautam Grover (

Nodal Officer

  • DBAT
  • Ms. Gauri Patil (

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Enjoy 3X happiness by investing in Sovereign Gold Bond

Rs. 50 discount + 2.5% interest rate + Exemption from capital gains.....