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As society moves away from cash transactions, Debit Cards become increasingly essential, eliminating the need to carry large amounts of cash. Using a Debit Card is almost as easy as using cash and is more secure and safer. Use them anywhere, anytime.


A Debit Card also functions as an ATM card, allowing you to withdraw money from any bank's ATM. It can also be used for making payments by swiping at a merchant’s point-of-sales machine and for online transactions.


When swiping your Debit Card, you need to key in the PIN. Similarly, when using it for online transactions, you need to key in the OTP that is delivered to your mobile number registered with the bank. This ensures your Debit Card is secure and safe to use.


Make sure your linked Savings Account has sufficient funds, and then use your Debit Card freely to meet all your needs. Set daily and monthly transaction limits on your Debit Card as per your needs. There is no charge or fee for spending money using your Debit Card.


Use your Axis Bank Debit Cards and receive exclusive benefits, from free movie tickets to restaurant discounts. Choose from a range of Debit Cards according to your daily withdrawal needs. Enjoy a secure and fast shopping experience every time.


Carry your favourite moments on your Axis Bank Debit Card. Get your personalized cardhere for Axis Bank Debit Cards.


For Most Important Terms & Conditions related to Debit Cards click here to view the most important terms and conditions.


Fuel Surcharge waiver on Debit Cards will be valid only on transactions done at Axis Bank Terminals (point of sale machines). For more details click here to view terms and conditions pertaining to fuel surcharge.


Please click here for details on Airport Lounge Program on Axis Bank Debit Cards


Effective 1st May, 2024, the T&Cs on your Axis Bank Debit Card and EDGE REWARD Points on your account are revised. To view details, Click here


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How to apply for a debit card on Axis Bank?

You can apply for an Axis Bank debit card online from the convenience of your home/office. We provide various types of debit cards to suit individual needs of our customers. You can compare the benefits of all our debit cards and choose the right one for yourself. Follow the steps mentioned below to apply for a debit card online with us:

Step 1 – Visit our website’s home page
Step 2 – Go to Explore Products > Cards > Debit Cards
Step 3 – Scroll down to view the types of debit cards we offer. Compare and select the best one as per your requirements
Step 4 – Check your eligibility for the selected debit card
Step 5 – Click on the “Apply Now” button
Step 6 – Fill up the online form to apply for your debit card

Difference between an ATM card and a Debit card

We issue different types of payment cards, including ATM-cum-debit cards, pre-paid cards, credit cards, etc. You can apply for any of these cards as per your requirements and use these for specific financial transactions. With Axis Bank payment cards, you can also get various offers and discounts on shopping and dining.

It's important, however, to understand the distinctions between an ATM card and a Debit Card. The table below illustrates the differences between the two cards:

ATM CardsDebit Cards
ATM cards can be used only for withdrawing cash from ATMsDebit cards can be used for withdrawing cash from ATMs, as well as for online transactions and Point of Sale (PoS) transactions
These have a very limited utilityThese are multi-functional
These cannot be used for shopping and paymentsThese can be used for shopping, dining, making payments at stores, etc.
These cannot be used for online transactionsThese can be used for online transactions
These require a 4-digit PINThese require a 4-digit PIN as well as an OTP (only for online transactions)
These do not offer any overdraft facilitySome banks offer an overdraft facility on debit cards

Transactions that can be done at ATMs

While you can use an ATM card only to withdraw cash from an Automated Teller Machine (ATM), a debit card can perform a range of other functions as well. Here’s how you can use your debit card to perform various transactions at an ATM:

1. Cash withdrawal
This is one of the most basic functions of a debit card. It can also act as an ATM card and hence, it is known as an ATM-cum-debit card. You can use your debit card just like an ATM card to withdraw cash from ATMs. You will need to enter your 4-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) for the same.

2. Request for a new cheque book
You can use your debit card to place a request for a new cheque book at any of your bank’s ATMs. You can insert your debit card, enter your PIN, and select the option to request a new cheque book. However, one thing that you need to remember is that your current address should be updated with the bank.

3. Utility bill payments
You can also use your debit card to pay utility bills at ATMs. These may include electricity bills, water bills, telephone bills, credit card bill payments, and insurance premiums, among others. It must be kept in mind that you will be able to make these payments at ATMs only if your pending bills have not crossed the due date.

4. Tax payments
Some bank allows you to make tax payments at their ATMs through debit cards. However, this facility is currently available only for direct taxes, such as property tax, real estate tax, income tax, etc.

5. Mobile recharge
You can also use your debit card at ATMs to recharge your mobile. All you need to do is just swipe your debit card, enter your 4-digit PIN, and mobile number, and you’re done. The recharge amount would be deducted directly from your bank account.

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Debit Card Safety Tip

Debit cards offer a lot of conveniences. You can use these to withdraw cash from ATMs, pay utility bills, do shopping, and do online transactions. However, you also need to understand that any unauthorized access or breach of your debit card information can cause significant financial harm. That is why it’s mandatory to enter your PIN or OTP or both for completing debit card transactions.

Despite the two-way authentication by banks, there have been several instances of debit card fraud due to the negligence of users. Listed below are some safety tips for debit card users:

  • Never share your debit card number, PIN, or CVV with anyone
  • Do not write your debit card PIN anywhere on the card. Try to memorize your PIN
  • Keep changing your debit card PIN at frequent intervals
  • While making a transaction at the ATM, ensure that there’s no one else in the room except you
  • Always hide the PIN while you’re entering it for PoS transactions
  • Register for SMS alerts for any amount above zero
  • Never leave an ATM until your transaction is complete
  • Keep your cash and debit card safely in your purse or bag before leaving an ATM
  • Look for a skimming device being installed in an ATM before using it
  • Never share your OTP with anyone while conducting online transactions
  • In case of any problem while transacting at an ATM, call the security guard. Never ask for help from any stranger
  • Check the safety credentials of a website before using your debit card for an online transaction
  • In case you lose your debit card, call your bank’s customer helpline number immediately to block your debit card
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Cashback system on debit cards – How does it work?

You can also avail of debit card cashback and reward points by using your debit card for various financial transactions. You can use these cashback and reward points for future purchases through your debit card. However, not all debit cards are eligible for cashback. It mainly depends upon the type of debit card you’ve applied for.

For example, with the Axis Bank E-Debit card, you will get 1% cashback on all online transactions and with Axis Bank Value Plus Debit Card, you will get 5% cashback on your grocery spending every month. You can also get a host of attractive discounts with our debit cards on transacting with various merchants, including BookMyShow, TataCliq, Swiggy, Medlife, and more.

When you make a payment to these merchants using the appropriate debit card, you earn a certain percentage of your transaction amount as cashback. This cashback is added to your debit card account in the form of reward points or cashback points. Sometimes, these are added as cash balance to your savings bank account.

One gets debit card rewards or cash backs due to tie-ups between banks and merchants. Every time you make a payment to a merchant with which your bank has a tie-up, it pays a certain percentage of its profit back to the bank and the bank passes a part of this profit to their customers in the form of debit card cashback and reward points.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A Debit Card is a card that allows you to make payments directly from your bank account by swiping the card at a point-of-sales machine at a merchant’s establishment or on ecommerce websites or apps. It also works as an ATM card that can be used to withdraw money from ATM machines. Since Debit Cards are connected to Savings Accounts, spending is limited to the available balance in your account.

When you open a Savings Bank Account you automatically get a Debit Card linked to it. The transaction limits of the card are linked to the balance in your account. If you don’t have a Debit Card or if you have only an ATM card, you can apply to your bank for a Debit Card or to upgrade your ATM card to a debit cum ATM card. You can apply for the Debit Card online or at the bank branch.

The kind of Debit Card you are eligible for is based on the kind of Savings Bank Account you hold. The kind of Savings Bank Account and Debit Card will determine the benefits you are eligible for such as daily transaction limits, cashback offers, accident cover, reward points, airport lounge access, etc.

Axis Bank Debit Cards offer a host of benefits:

• Easy cash withdrawal at any bank ATM within limits prescribed by RBI
• Wide acceptability at merchant establishments across India
• Acceptability for wide range of online payments including government entities, utility payments, ecommerce websites and apps, etc
• Built-in safety and security features to ensure protection of your money
• Benefits such as cashbacks, reward points, fuel surcharge waiver, free airport lounges, personal accident cover, etc*


*Will vary depending on the type of card

A debit card can be issued against a savings bank account or a current account. Usually, it’s not possible to link two accounts with a debit card. However, it depends on the terms and policies of the bank. Some banks may allow you to link two or more deposit accounts with the same debit card. However, remember that those accounts should be with the same bank.

Debit card charges usually depend upon the issuing bank and the type of debit card chosen by you. Below are the common debit card charges levied by banks:

  • Debit card issuance charges
  • Debit card annual maintenance charges
  • Debit card replacement charges
  • International transaction charges
  • ATM withdrawal charges (after a certain limit)
  • Convenience charges for online transactions

Note that these charges are indicative. The actual debit card charges may vary from bank to bank and the type of debit card.

Yes. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has permitted banks to provide overdraft facilities to their customers on debit cards. The facility can be extended to the account holders in the form of a personal loan. However, not all banks provide this facility. So, you need to check with your bank whether you can avail of the overdraft facility on your debit card.

Again, it depends upon the bank and the type of debit card. As per the latest RBI guidelines, banks might charge up to 2% of the transaction amount on online debit card transactions. However, several banks do not charge any fees for retail or online transactions on debit cards. So, you need to consult your issuing bank.

Debit cards come with expiry dates that are usually mentioned below the card number. In case your debit card is going to expire soon, you may or may not have to apply for a new debit card. Your bank may automatically send you a replacement card with a new validity. However, if you don’t receive your replacement debit card within a month after its expiry, you can apply for a new one.