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SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) is an ideal way to plan your life goals.

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A Systematic Investment Plan, or SIP, has become one of the most popular ways of investing. While SIP has become synonymous with Mutual Funds, the concept of investing at regular intervals works effectively across various products including direct equities, NPS, Digital Gold, etc. SIP not only helps you inculcate financial discipline but also allows you to start investing small and yet create wealth over a longer period of time. To maximise the benefits of SIP in mutual funds, explore our SIP calculator, which helps you effectively plan how to meet your financial goals.
5L 5Cr
5K 5L
1Year 30Years
8% 15%
Monthly SIP Amount 1,42,922
Invested Amount 1,42,922
Wealth Created 1,42,922
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What is a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)?

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is a strategy that allows you to allocate a specific sum of money regularly into a Mutual Fund, ensuring disciplined investments at regular intervals. You can choose the SIP frequency—daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly—based on your preference. Among these, monthly SIPs are most commonly used, allowing you to invest from your regular monthly savings.

SIPs represent an optimal investment method for those averse to lump sum investing. The systematic approach in SIP ensures that you stay invested through market ups and downs, taking advantage of the benefits of Rupee Cost Averaging. SIPs focus on goal-based investing and offer you a convenient way to create wealth over time.

What is a SIP Calculator?

A SIP calculator is an online tool used to calculate the future value of investments made at regular periods in Mutual Funds.

You can use the SIP Calculator to find out the monthly investment amount that you need to put into a scheme to achieve your financial goals. Utilising tools like the SIP calculator or the Systematic Investment Plan calculator, you can input variables, including your target amount and anticipated annual return. This assists in calculating the monthly SIP investment required to meet your financial goals with precision, courtesy of the SIP investment plan calculator and SIP return calculator functionalities.

This tool aids in planning for future financial needs, such as purchasing a car, a house, or saving for a child's education.

How can a SIP Return Calculator help you? 

The SIP Return Calculator offers the following benefits:

  • Estimate returns: You can easily estimate returns by inputting the monthly SIP amount, investment period (usually in years), and expected return. The calculator provides quick insights into potential returns on investments.
  • Compare SIPs: You can easily compare the returns from different SIPs in one place using the SIP Calculator online. You can optimise the investment frequency, duration and monthly amounts to meet your desired financial goal within a specified timeframe.  
  • Track progress: The calculator allows you to track your investment progress by inputting details to assess whether you are on track to achieve your financial goals or if adjustments are needed in your investment strategy.

How do SIP calculators work?

SIP calculators are modelled to perform calculations based on a simple formula to calculate the monthly SIP amount. Here’s how SIP calculators work: 

  • Calculating monthly SIPs: The calculator asks you to enter data such as target corpus, the number of years for which you want to make investments and the expected returns. Using the data, the SIP Calculator shows the amount you need to invest to realise your financial goal. 
  • Calculating the growth of SIP investments: The SIP Calculator uses information such as monthly amount, tenure of the SIP and expected return to show the total amount that will get accumulated by you. 

How to use a Systematic Investment Plan Calculator?

A SIP Calculator can be used in various scenarios, such as determining monthly SIP contributions, calculating the total accumulated amount, or identifying the required annual return percentage to achieve a financial goal.

However, remember that for using a SIP calculator, you will need to provide information relevant to the parameters. The information helps the SIP Calculator in providing you with exact results.

Benefits of using the Systematic Investment Plan Calculator 

A Systematic Investment Plan Calculator offers numerous benefits such as:

  • User-friendly: The SIP Calculator is user-friendly and provides you with the option of optimising your Mutual Fund investment strategy by changing a few parameters. 
  • Instant projection: Easily estimate the future value of your SIP using the SIP Calculator for accurate projections of how your investments can grow in the future.
  • Informed investment decisions: You can make informed investment choices by using the SIP Calculator for accurate future value projections of your investments. The online tool can also be used for strategic financial planning.
  • Aligning investments with your risk profile: Once you discover top investment opportunities through research, the SIP calculator enables you to align your decisions with financial goals and risk tolerance for optimal portfolio growth and diversification.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is SIP a Mutual Fund?

    No, SIP is not a mutual fund. It is a method of investing a fixed sum at regular intervals in mutual funds. When you begin a SIP, you start investing periodically in mutual funds. 

  • Can an SIP calculator guarantee accurate future returns?

    No, the SIP Calculator only indicates how your money can grow by making periodic investments in Mutual Funds. It is just for reference purposes as the future performance of a Mutual Fund cannot be predicted by a SIP calculator. 

  • How can a SIP Calculator help investors?

    The SIP Calculator assists investors in calculating the future value of your investments, determining monthly investment amounts, and estimating the time needed to achieve financial goals.

  • What is the interest rate of SIP?

    SIP doesn’t have an interest rate. It is just an investing method through which you can make periodic investments in mutual funds. The returns of SIP investments depend on the performance of the mutual fund that you choose.

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