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Payment Solutions - Got a query

  • Axis Bank offers businesses a host of Payment Solutions for your payment requirements like Single Payments, Bulk Payments, Salary Payments, Statutory and Host to Host Payments. Payment Products offers all payment modes i.e. electronic, paper-based, and cash delivery solutions. You can get answers to your queries such as the charges, processes, documentation, timelines on the Payment Products in the below mentioned FAQs.

    It is mandatory to open an operative current account with the Bank for any payment solution.

    The charges depend on case to case basis. To find the most appropriate charges for your company, please reach out to RM/ nearest Axis Bank Branch.

    After the receipt of complete documentation it takes only 2-3 working days to begin with payment solution. In case of H2H payments, it depends on integration type.

    CIB Form, Board resolution/Partnership Deed/MoU (or Similar document), KYC of authoriser & Product specific Annexures are required for on-boarding customer for payment solutions.

    Bulk Payments solution is a comprehensive solution for customers to process various bulk electronic and paper based payments through a single file initiation mechanism. The consolidated report of all bulk transactions initiated is also provided to the customer through either a H2H mechanism or as a download facility from the web portal.

    H2H payments is an integrated solution for customers to integrate their ERPs and process their vendor and salary payments with the bank. The H2H integration automates the processing as well as reconciliation of the transactions processed. Various integration methods like SFTP based, API or ABAP are used for providing H2H payments to customers.

    With Axis Bank, your collections and payments can be linked to the same current account.

    Please reach out to your Relationship manager or Branch to know more about the products offered and apply for the required products.

    You can write to or connect with our Phone Banking team on 1860-500 4971 (8:00AM to 8:00PM, Mon-Sat on working days). Alternatively you may also connect with your Relationship Manager or Nodal Branch.