Safe Banking

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Safe Banking

Axis Bank is steadfast about protecting your finances and privacy and preserving your trust. We also request you to do your part in safeguarding your information. Whenever you’re using internet banking services, keep certain precautions for online banking in mind for a secure banking experience. For safe banking, install firewall and antivirus services on your PC, log-off your account after use, change your passwords regularly, and never write down your passwords or provide your information to telemarketers.

Keep these tips in mind while banking online:

  • Avoid using internet banking on shared computers and public places like cafés and libraries.
  • Always remember to log-off on internet banking and close your browser when you have finished your online banking.
  • Disable the 'AutoComplete' function within your browser.
  • Install firewall and anti-virus software and keep it up to date to help detect and disable malicious software.

Make sure your account information is safe

  • Change your internet banking password regularly and never disclose it to anyone.
  • Always use strong password with alphanumeric passwords which cannot be guessed easily and for multiple accounts, use different passwords.
  • Do not write them down.
  • Do not give your account information to telemarketers or to callers claiming to confirm or verify your account information.
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