One Axis is a collective spirit that has enabled us to build an institution of excellence, delivering a wide spectrum of financial solutions to all sections of society. One Axis takes us farther.

Even more than seven decades after India’s Independence, the reach of reliable, fast, secured banking and other financial services remains a long-cherished aspiration for millions of people. Ever since our journey began, we have enabled businesses and individuals to make tangible progress and kept the communities we serve at the forefront of all that we do.

Our possibilities are the real priorities of India such as a strong digital economy and an inclusive society. Our efforts in facilitating the creation of crucial core infrastructure, scaling up financial inclusion and the adoption and diffusion of digital products and services, have been and continue to support India’s holistic wellbeing.

We have built an impressive franchise over the years. More than banking, Axis Securities, Axis Finance, Axis Trustee, Axis Mutual Fund and Axis Capital are partnering the progress of millions of people across the country. Axis Bank Foundation aims to create a lasting difference in people’s lives and works on four broad initiatives centred around watershed management and agricultural productivity, livestock enhancement, vocational training and livelihood support for the differently abled.

Annual Report 2018-2019 Intro Pic

Welcome to our axis of possibilities that connects and enriches a billion lives.

`8,040 crores

Total advances of Axis Finance Limited

19 %

Growth in average assets under management of Axis Asset Management Company in 2018-19

2.10 million

Client base of Axis Securities which ranked among top three brokers in India


Equity capital markets (ECM) banker - Axis Capital

40 %

Market share of Invoicemart, which continues to be India’s leading TReDS platform

72 million

Users registered with FreeCharge

`1,855,099 billion

Assets under custody of Axis Trustee Services as on 31 March, 2019


NGOs have been onboarded under Axis Bank Foundation
Annual Report 2018-2019 Intro Pic Annual Report 2018-2019 Intro Pic

40 lakhs+

Senior citizens catered to with banking services


Households/trainees impacted as part of our Mission 2 Million (M2M) programme

2.51 crores+

Customers and growing

7.71 lakhs+

Defence personnel accounts