Core Philosophy


At Axis Bank, we are first and foremost, in the business of garnering trust, and in this business, integrity and ethics are the core of everything that we do.

We believe that the only way organisations can emerge stronger in a dynamic environment is by staying firm and true to their core values. Our core values of Customer Centricity, Ethics, Transparency, Teamwork and Ownership drive us every day to deliver on our ‘One Axis’ strategy.

Our people are the custodians of our core values and help shape an inspiring performance culture by putting the right systems and interventions in place. With meritocracy, fairness, and ethics constituting the cornerstones of our organisational ethos, we strive to ensure that the 61,000+ members of the Axis team have enough opportunities to achieve their potential in their careers. We greatly value diversity, and have made conscious efforts to ensure that our workforce is diverse and inclusive.