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Agricultural Gold Loan

Agricultural Gold Loan is a financial tool specifically designed to address the needs of farmers. It empowers them to leverage their existing gold holdings, like jewellery or ornaments, as collateral to secure a loan for various agricultural purposes. These purposes include purchasing seeds, fertilisers and equipment or covering other operational costs. Discover the benefits of Gold Loans for farmers for funding agricultural expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Farmers can obtain quick, hassle-free loans secured by gold assets, empowering them with flexible financial solutions.

The interest rate on Gold Loan for farmers varies as it is linked to the MCLR. Axis Bank offers an LTV of 75% for Gold Loan for farmers.

Farmers can leverage their gold assets to secure loans, providing immediate liquidity for agricultural needs with minimal documentation and quick processing.

Agri Gold Loans offer farmers quick access to funds, enabling them to meet agricultural expenses promptly, with flexible repayment options tailored to their needs.

The minimum amount for Agri Gold Loans is ₹25,001 and Gold Loan Overdraft facility is given from ₹25,001 - ₹40,00,000.

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